Manuel A. SANCHEZ "Manny"

For Doña Ana County Commissioner

NM Democrat

Bringing fresh perspective, compassion, 

and leadership to serve the people 

and continue progress in our communities.

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About Me


My maternal great-grandparents worked the farms in La Unión and my paternal grandfather worked as a bracero around Doña Ana County, where he earned enough money to bring his family to the US. I was the first to graduate college on my mother’s side and I aimed high with the encouragement of my father, who became a US citizen at 18 and was a teacher for 35 years. My wife, Teresa Tenorio from Santa Rosa, NM, and I feel fortunate to have made a home for our 3 children in Las Cruces for the past seven years. 


I was part of the first class to graduate from Franklin High School in El Paso, TX in 1997. I received my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2001. I completed the General Electric "Operations Management Leadership Program" in 2003.


I have worked 17 years for the General Electric Company in various roles across the country and internationally.  I started in the Aviation business and eventually transferred to Power Services. My current role is Senior Customer Service Leader, coordinating services for power plants within the region. My training and experiences in leadership, technology development, and finance have helped me successfully collaborate with organizations to plan and manage large-scale, multi-million dollar projects. I have had to learn different ways to communicate and work with people in order to be an effective and respected leader.

Areas of Interest

Leadership and Collaboration

Work with the Commission and organizations – such as the Borderplex Alliance – to identify and bring socially responsible businesses to the County.

Retain Young Professionals Graduating From Universities

Grow the Trades Workforce

  • Support and Expand on our Vocational/Technical School Programs. 
  • Increase Job Market by Inviting Socially Responsible Companies.

Protect Our Public Lands

Maintain and Improve Infrastructure for our Communities

  • We must review and adopt more economical and modern public transportation services to meet the needs of our rural residents, particularly low-income, job-seeking, elderly, and the medically-underserved.
  • We must keep paved and dirt roads in good condition and always stay on top of flood control measures.

Support and Expand Health Promotion Programs

Grow Local. Feed Local.

  • Sustain Partnership Between Local Growers and Community Food Banks. 
  • Initiate Farm Apprenticeships and Better Utilize NMSU Ag Extension Services.

2018 PRIMARY is June 5. Register by May 8!